Sterling and Time Defense L.L.C.


Through knowledge, skills and attitude you will gain confidence and competence in safe handling of all firearms.

Our classes are small so that you will have the best learning and training experience possible.

Classes Offered

    Basic Handgun Course

    Home Defense Course

    Concealed Carry Course

    Gun “Date”

    Your Right To Live ©

    The Prepared Armed Woman ©

    Community Nursing and Poverty

    Nursing Safety and Security


10% of all course fees and sales go to the Independence Fund


Welcome to Sterling and Time Defense

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality training in firearms and the legal use of force.

We take the guesswork out of buying, owning and operating firearms.

Contact us:

  1. Anthony Deveaux

  2. (507)261-5050


MN, FL Permit to Conceal and Carry eligible classes and renewals

BCA-DPS Certified 

BCA Certified Training Organization 

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